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August 2016
Road Science’s ColdGrip™ IQ Eliminates Pothole Peeves by Enabling Smarter, More Efficient Road Maintenance Year-Round || read item

ColdGrip IQ creates better performing cold patch mix for pothole repair that is easier to produce, remains workable long-term and provides stronger adhesion for longer patch life.

TULSA, OK – Road Science, a division of ArrMaz, is pleased to introduce its latest innovation in asphalt additive chemistry, ColdGrip IQ, specially formulated to produce better performing cold patch for pothole repair. ColdGrip IQ improves pothole patch technology by chemically transforming cutback asphalt to be highly compatible with cool, damp and dusty aggregates for easier production and longer patch life. ColdGrip IQ’s easy handling features in cold temperatures and low odor make it one of the smartest and easiest to use additives available to the industry for better pothole repair in any season.

Better roads and longer lasting pavements are the foundation of local economies – they keep people and goods moving. With our rapidly aging road infrastructure, more efficient and durable road maintenance solutions are needed. Cold patch, also known as cold mix, is one such solution that is used to fill and repair potholes that occur in pavements, parking lots and driveways.

Often potholes contain water and repairs must be made in less than ideal weather conditions. Cold patch is especially suited for year-round use because it can be stored for extended periods of time, even in winter months, and can be packaged and sold in bags for use by the retail market. Potholes are prepared and filled with the cold patch mix, leveled and compacted to restore the pavement to a safe and usable condition.

Cold patch is produced by mixing cutback asphalt, a combination of asphalt cement and petroleum solvent, and a variety of rock that is crushed and sized into aggregates. When added to cutback asphalt, ColdGrip IQ improves the coating and adhesion of the cutback to cool, damp and dusty aggregates during production, eliminating aggregate coating challenges and enabling the use of less pricey aggregates for reduced costs and improved production efficiency.

ColdGrip IQ also significantly extends patch life by strengthening adhesion of the cold patch to the pothole by displacing and repelling water from the pothole and forming a stronger bond to the existing pavement. Patch durability is enhanced by ColdGrip IQ’s ability to eliminate stripping, raveling and premature failures of the cold patch for longer patch life.

An added benefit of ColdGrip IQ is its ability to maintain stockpile workability of the cold patch mix over time. During production, ColdGrip IQ creates exceptional asphalt film thickness around the aggregate providing stronger protection against stockpile stripping and ensuring long-term workability. This eliminates wasted material costs and any need for reprocessing, while enabling maintenance crews to use cold patch stockpiles to fill potholes over extended periods of time. ColdGrip IQ maintains its low viscosity even in below freezing temperatures for maximum operational convenience.

“ColdGrip IQ creates a better cold patch mix that lasts longer in the stock pile and on the road. Any asphalt mix producer that wants to make cold mix faster, easier and at less cost with better, longer-lasting pothole patch performance needs ColdGrip IQ,” said Ray Gore, Business Manager, Additives at Road Science.

ColdGrip IQ is just another way that Road Science is helping the asphalt paving industry improve road quality and safety worldwide.


June 2016
Road Science’s Innovative Tack Coat Technology Paves Roads of the Future || read item

ArrMuls® chemistry enables 75% faster traffic return while eliminating tack coat tracking for stronger, safer roads.

TULSA, OK – Road Science, a division of ArrMaz, introduces ArrMuls Tack Technology, its latest innovation in asphalt emulsifier chemistry focused on eliminating tack coat tracking for faster traffic return to the roadway, while improving pavement layer bonding for better, longer-lasting roads. ArrMuls Tack Technology is a two-component chemical kit that enables emulsion producers to manufacture anionic non-tracking tack coat using strain-tolerant, non-brittle paving-grade asphalts. In contrast to conventional tack coats, ArrMuls Tack Technology is formulated to prevent the tack coat from being picked up and tracked away by vehicle tires, resulting in significantly improved pavement structure and strength.

A tack coat is an asphalt emulsion which, when sprayed onto pavement, functions as a glue to hold existing and new pavement layers together. It enhances the bonding of individual pavement layers so that they function as a single, unified pavement for improved strength and durability. When properly bonded, the resulting pavement structure uniformly distributes traffic load stress. Without proper bonding, each pavement layer works independently, failing to distribute stress evenly, leading to cracking, rutting, slippage and other distresses that destroy road quality.

In order for a tack coat to bond effectively, it must be allowed to dry before trucks and paving vehicles drive onto it to place a new pavement layer. If vehicles drive onto the tack coat too soon, it can be picked up by tires, tracked away and deposited on nearby roads. This can lead to reduced friction of the road, impacting driver safety. The longer it takes for the tack coat to dry, the greater the time needed to pave the road and return traffic, and the more likely the tack coat gets tracked away compromising pavement strength.

ArrMuls Tack Technology solves this problem by decreasing tack coat drying time by 75% from what is typically 60 minutes or more, to less than 15 minutes. By reducing paving downtime and returning traffic quicker, paving crews save several hours per week which can translate into hundreds of thousands in savings per paving crew per year. By preventing tack coat from being tracked away, ArrMuls Tack Technology not only extends pavement life, but also eliminates costs to remove tracked tack coat and replace traffic paint, while eradicating the safety liability of reduced friction roads.

Most conventional non-tracking tack coats are made of hard, brittle asphalt that is susceptible to cracking and can even promote cracking in pavement layers. ArrMuls Tack Technology is better for pavements because it uses softer paving-grade asphalts that are flexible, strain-tolerant and much less susceptible to cracking. It can also be formulated to meet typical specifications including AASHTO M-140 and ASTM D-977 for slow-setting (SS-1h) emulsion.

“Emulsion manufacturers find ArrMuls Tack Technology easier and more convenient to produce since it uses paving-grade asphalts they can source easily and emulsify without difficulty. Paving contractors prefer it because it becomes non-tracking in a matter of minutes after being sprayed, and remains stable when stored for long durations in tank trucks and storage tanks,” said Ivann Harnish, Business Manager, Emulsifiers at Road Science.

ArrMuls Tack Technology chemistry is one more way that Road Science is helping the asphalt paving industry improve road quality and safety worldwide.


May 2016
ArrMaz’s Innovative Dust Control Technology is Breaking New Ground for the Future of Hydraulic Fracturing || read item

Field results show effectiveness in reducing silica dust to within the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) new exposure limit.

MULBERRY, FL – ArrMaz’s SandTec®, a silica frac sand coating technology, reduces respirable silica dust generated during hydraulic fracturing by up to 99%. Just last month, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a final rule requiring industries that generate respirable silica dust to reduce the amount of silica dust their employees are exposed to by 50% within five years. ArrMaz is already helping hydraulic fracturing operations quickly and easily meet the new silica dust exposure limit with SandTec.

Since 2011, the use of silica sand proppant per well in hydraulic fracturing has been steadily increasing. Exploration and production companies have discovered that if they use more sand when performing hydraulic fracturing, they are able to increase well production. The sand helps prop open the formation, allowing hydrocarbons to flow more freely. The transfer of sand proppant, however, generates respirable silica dust which, when inhaled, can impact worker health if not handled properly.

Since September 2013, OSHA has been evaluating new proposed regulations for respirable crystalline silica which it estimates affects almost 17,000 workers engaged in support activities for oil and gas operations. On March 23rd, 2016, OSHA announced their final rule on occupational exposure to respirable crystalline silica. The new rule reduces the permissible exposure limit for respirable silica dust to 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air effective June 23rd, 2016. The hydraulic fracturing industry has until June 23rd, 2018, two years after the effective date, to comply.

The rule also requires that hydraulic fracturing operations use engineering controls as the first line of defense to protect workers against silica dust. The compliance deadline for engineering controls is June 23rd, 2021. As an engineering control, SandTec is more efficient than bulky mechanical systems (such as vacuum trucks and ventilation equipment) which are difficult to mobilize onsite, require significant space, present handling risks, and are time consuming and expensive to set up, maintain and break down. Mechanical systems also do not provide protection at all transfer points. SandTec solves these challenges by applying a microscopic coating to frac sand proppant to control and minimize silica dust generation whenever and wherever proppant is transferred.

“SandTec provides continuous protection from silica dust starting from the sand mine all the way to the hydraulic fracturing wellhead. It is easy to apply with no drying or curing required, and is biorenewable and biodegradeable addressing environmental concerns. Field results show that it is effective in reducing silica dust to within OSHA’s new exposure limit. These characteristics make it the ideal solution for hydraulic fracturing operations to quickly and cost-effectively comply with OSHA’s final rule” said John Suldickas, Commercial Manager for Oil and Gas at ArrMaz.

ArrMaz’s engineers and technical experts continue to work with companies in the oil and gas sector to customize the SandTec system to meet their specific hydraulic fracturing needs.


December 2015
ArrMaz Celebrates the Opening of its Chemical Manufacturing Plant in Saudi Arabia || read item

ArrMaz’s Al Jalamid plant produces specialty chemicals to support the growth of the Saudi phosphate industry.

MULBERRY, FL – ArrMaz celebrated the grand opening of its new chemical manufacturing plant located in the Jalamid Mine Reserve Area in Saudi Arabia on November 24th, 2015.

Joining Dave Keselica, CEO, ArrMaz, and Dr. Said J. Al Qahtani, Chairman, ArrMaz Gulf Chemicals (AMGC), was HRH Prince Dr. Mishaal bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Mousa'ad Al-Saud, Governor of the Northern Borders Region of Saudi Arabia, who formally opened the facility.

The Al Jalamid plant produces a full range of custom-formulated process aids and additives for the processing of phosphate ore and the production of phosphate fertilizers in the Kingdom.

“Our Al Jalamid facility enables us to support the development of the Saudi phosphate industry through real-time optimization of our custom-engineered products, improved onsite process consultation capability, and increased security of supply,” says Dave Keselica, CEO, ArrMaz.

ArrMaz is committed to ensuring customer success by supplementing our global reach with a local presence within the markets we serve. The opening of the Al Jalamid plant is a step forward in ArrMaz’s vision to provide the world’s most advanced chemical technology and technical service solutions to the global phosphate industry.


September 2015
ArrMaz Announces First SandTec Application System at Superior Silica Sands || read item

The SandTec application system, custom designed for seamless integration with existing sand processing operations, will enable mass production of proppant treated with SandTec coating technology.

MULBERRY, FL — ArrMaz and Superior Silica Sands (SSS), part of Emerge Energy Services LP, have agreed to install the first SandTec application system in SSS’ Barron, Wisconsin facility. The installation is expected to be completed in December 2015 and is a major step in providing the oil and gas industry with access to this new and innovative technology. This will enable the efficient delivery of large volumes of proppant coated with SandTec to hydraulic fracturing sites and transload facilities.

“The team at Superior has a visionary approach to the industry,” said John Suldickas, Oil and Gas Commercial Manager at ArrMaz. “Working with them will allow us to provide the industry with a valuable tool to lower silica dust levels at all transfer points and increase operational safety.”

Silica dust control is an ongoing concern in the hydraulic fracturing industry. The SandTec coating technology offers an attractive alternative to mechanical dust control systems. It provides superb dust control performance, is frac fluid compatible, is environmentally friendly and does not require the expense of equipment mobilization and demobilization. This allows for smaller operational footprints at frac sites as well.

Superior Silica Sands will begin offering SandGuard proppant utilizing SandTec coating technology to its customers in December. “We (SSS) are excited about incorporating the SandTec technology and ArrMaz’s understanding of material safety handling for our company and industry. Their knowledge in dust mitigation is important to SSS as we focus on helping our customers create a better well with the focus of a safer work place at the well site,” said Justin Renfro VP of Sales and Marketing at SSS. “Our partnership with ArrMaz is one that we see as a compliment to an already strong position in the frac sand industry.”

SandTec is one of many innovative technologies developed by ArrMaz designed to help its customers in multiple industries enhance the efficiency of their operations and to improve the quality and value of their products.


September 2015
ArrMaz to Launch SandTec Coating Technology at Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference || read item

ArrMaz will launch their new SandTec coating technology at the 4th Annual Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference, September 24 and 25 in San Antonio, Texas. SandTec, a product ArrMaz developed in cooperation with Schlumberger, is an effective coating technology that reduces silica dust generation during the transfer of sand.

“With pressing regulations that are expected to get even tighter, we recognized the need for a new and innovative solution for greater silica dust reduction. We worked with Schlumberger to create SandTec to significantly reduce silica dust during sand transfer,” said Dave Keselica, President and CEO of ArrMaz. “In addition to improved product performance, our customers are increasingly seeking sustainable solutions and we are proud to offer SandTec which is biodegradable and biorenewable.”

As an alternative to mechanical systems which present handling safety risks, take up valuable real estate at a hydraulic fracturing sites, are difficult to mobilize and remove and require regular maintenance, SandTec provides superior dust control performance, is easy to implement and provides protection from dust generation and proppant attrition at all sand transfer points along the entire supply chain. The benefit of SandTec is its ability to reduce silica dust whenever sand is transferred - from initial point of treatment to the well head. SandTec has been successfully tested at a number of hydraulic fracturing locations and has shown the ability to reduce silica dust levels below PEL action levels with no adverse effect on performance.

ArrMaz has been a leader in dust control coating technology for over 40 years, providing technology and application expertise to its clients around the globe. ArrMaz combined its coating technology and experience with Schlumberger’s knowledge of hydraulic fracturing to develop a unique product for reducing silica dust generation.

ArrMaz is proud to be a Sponsor of the 4th Annual Frac Sand Supply & Logistics Conference. Organized to assist sand suppliers, E & P companies, storage providers, equipment suppliers and other companies improve their supply chain operations, the conference will feature various topics of interest for the oil and gas industry.

ArrMaz will host roundtable discussions Friday, September 25, 9:30am to 11:30am, reviewing the pros and cons of different technologies for frac sand dust control and ways for companies to improve operations with SandTec. They will also be located a booth #11 for anyone wanting to stop by and discuss one-on-one the benefits of SandTec.


May 2015
Road Science Introduces ArrTekk® 1295, a Micro-Surfacing Emulsifier for Longer-Lasting Roads || read item

The ArrTekk 1295 chemistry lengthens the life cycle of micro-surfacing by 30 percent and improves mix control in harsh conditions.

(MULBERRY, FLORIDA) Road Science, a division of ArrMaz, introduces ArrTekk 1295 as the latest addition to its line of asphalt emulsifiers. The new formula creates cationic emulsions for micro-surfacing, a preventative maintenance application that provides an aesthetically pleasing, skid-resistant surface to restore pavement profile and seal the underlying pavement. This protects the pavement from further deterioration and extends the life cycle of your road.

“You want your roads to last and micro-surfacing is what protects them against wear and tear,” states Ivann Harnish, Emulsifier Products Business Manager. “ArrTekk 1295 provides micro-surfacing that’s even more durable than other available options and much easier to apply in extremely hot and cool conditions. This allows you to get your roads back in use, much faster.”

Going beyond meeting typical specifications – including the International Slurry Surfacing Association’s (ISSA) A143: Recommended Performance Guideline For Micro-Surfacing – the unique ArrTekk 1295 chemistry offers significant performance advantages:

(1.) The strong adhesion properties result in less early construction and long-term raveling or aggregate loss. Comparative testing versus two market-leading chemistries show ArrTekk 1295 consistently averages 30 to 70 percent less aggregate loss in 6-day Wet-Track Abrasion (WTAT) testing, the industry’s primary test for predicting micro-surfacing life cycle duration and long term durability. Field testing in Kansas and Florida confirmed these results.

(2.) Additionally, the chemistry allows for 20 to 150 percent more mixing time with hot pavement and hot aggregate, allowing for paving in hot conditions without struggle. Easy control of chemical break allows for fast traffic return times when paving in cooler conditions and at night.

ArrTekk 1295 is compatible with all asphalt types, including paraffin-rich and SBS-modified, as well as polymer modifiers like SBR and natural latexes. It can be formulated to perform with both reactive and unreactive aggregates of various types, including granite, diabase, basalt, chert, limestone and sandstone.

As their latest product, ArrTekk 1295 is one more way Road Science is providing the paving industry with high-performance solutions to improve the quality of roads for people worldwide. Road Science will continue to focus on its research and development efforts, and advance its products to exceed industry expectations.


April 2015
Road Science’s New ArrTekk® 860 Advances Asphalt Technology for Faster Traffic Return || read item

Road Science, a division of ArrMaz, unveils a new, versatile expansion to its line of asphalt emulsifiers.

(MULBERRY, FLORIDA) —Road Science, a division of ArrMaz, is announcing their most recent product launch of ArrTekk 860. This emulsifier is extraordinarily dynamic, easily making both cationic and anionic slow-setting emulsions for applications such as tack coat, fog seal, slurry seal, central plant recycling and mixing-grade CIR and FDR recycling. Yielding smaller emulsion particle size characteristics, enhanced stability and greater durability, ArrTekk 860 is a superior solution for quicker traffic return to roadways and improved short and long-term product performance.

Ivann Harnish, Emulsifier Products Business Manager at Road Science, states, “ArrTekk 860 is much more versatile than competing products. It offers smaller particle size, so tack and other emulsions manufactured with ArrTekk 860 remain stable longer, even if they are over-pumped or stored for a lengthy amount of time.”

The new ArrTekk 860 is compatible with most types of asphalt and polymer modifiers, and offers emulsions that easily mix, coat and adhere to damp and/or dusty aggregates, granular materials and recycled asphalt pavement (RAP). The constructability aspects of this emulsifier solution allow for easy pick up, lay-down and compaction of RAP with CIR machinery equipment.

“ArrTekk 860 works incredibly well in recycling applications,” Harnish adds. “It creates emulsions that effortlessly coat RAP and granular materials and won’t break prematurely. Once the emulsion does break and begins curing, the roadway develops strength faster than alternative products. That means quicker return of traffic and less ravel. In short, ArrTekk 860 makes recycling construction easy.”

Following the recent launch of ArrMuls® 1315, ArrTekk 860 is another of Road Science’s recent innovative solutions to help meet the needs of the asphalt industry. The experts at Road Science and ArrMaz are dedicated to providing advanced solutions that offer significant performance value, backed by responsive and dependable support.

Road Science is not done offering new advancements for their customer partners in the pavement industry. Look for additional product launches in the near future.


March 2015
Breaking Ground with ArrMuls® 1315, Road Science Introduces a New Asphalt Emulsifier || read item

ArrMuls 1315 offers emulsion producers enhanced emulsion stability, while enabling faster paving for contractors.

(MULBERRY, FLORIDA) Road Science, a division of ArrMaz, is pleased to announce the launch of ArrMuls 1315 to the asphalt market. ArrMuls 1315 is an anionic slow-setting emulsifier that allows customers to produce emulsions with outstanding stability and pave roads faster and more efficiently.

ArrMuls 1315 is designed for multiple end-use applications, including tack coat, fog seal, pavement sealer, mixing-grade and industrial coatings. It’s best-in-class in producing dilute and non-dilute emulsions that remain stable during extended storage and after repeated pumping cycles.

"ArrMuls 1315 is new technology for customers who need an emulsifier chemistry that yields emulsions that not only remain stable during extended storage, but break and dry faster than the leading product," states Ivann Harnish, Emulsifier Products Business Manager.

The new ArrMuls 1315 offers efficiency by being 70% active, requiring significantly lower dosage requirements and reducing freight expenses. The formula is also non-lignin based, which protects against biological growth that can result in emulsion foul odor issues. This new anionic emulsifier is compatible with most asphalt types, dry and wet compounding additives and most types of aggregate and granular materials.

Road Science is committed to innovative solution development that provides the global paving industry valuable performance advantages backed by responsive and dependable customer support. In fulfillment of this commitment, Road Science continues to make strides that serve the need for innovation in the markets they serve.

Road Science isn’t stopping with ArrMuls 1315. The company has additional new product announcements in the near future. Details for the next launch in their line of asphalt emulsifiers will be coming soon.


April 2014
Mosaic awards ArrMaz with the Silver Safety Award || read item

Lakeland, April 29, 2014 - The Mosaic Company honored 129 Florida contract partners for their exemplary safety records during the company's seventh annual Contractor Safety Recognition Luncheon. ArrMaz earned the silver recognition for meeting Mosaic's rigorous safety criteria and sustained performance for three consecutive years.

As part of Mosaic's relentless pursuit of an injury-free workplace, Mosaic tracks and reports employee and contractor safety performance, including the frequency of any injuries, which is factored into the overall company performance. The individual contractor organizations contributed to Mosaic achieving its safety performance targets in 2013.

"At Mosaic, we hold our contract partners to the same high health and safety performance standards that we hold ourselves," said Bo Davis, Mosaic Senior Vice President – Phosphate Operations. "We commend each of you for taking personal responsibility for your safety, and caring for your coworkers. Your hours of training, hard work, determination and smart choices helped contribute to Mosaic's safety performance—ensuring that the people who work at our facilities arrive home safely."


January 2013
Golden Gate acquires ArrMaz || read item

Lakeland, January 8, 2013 - Gold Gate Capital announced that it has completed the acquisition of ArrMaz, a leading provider of process chemicals and functional additives for the fertilizer, industrial minerals and asphalt industries. ArrMaz will remain headquartered in Mulberry, Fla., led by the current management team, who will remain significant investors in the company. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

"We were attracted to ArrMaz as an investment due to its unique market leadership position, significant competetive advantages and long term growth potential," said Rajeev Amara, a managing director of Golden Gate Capital. "We are committed to further investing in the Company to expand its global footprint and potentially leveraging its highly specialized knowledge of surfactants into other end markets."

"We are excited to work with Golden Gate Capital to accelerate our growth," said Hank Waters, CEO of ArrMaz. "Golden Gate Captial's investment validates the strength of ArrMaz's value proposition, which is built on world-class products and exceptional customer service delivered by our talented employees. Golden Gate Capital's substantial financial resources and long term outlook will enable ArrMaz to capitalize on an array of opportunities across the globe both organically and through acquisitions."

GE Capital and Ares Capital provided financing to support the transaction. Lazard Middle Market advised ArrMaz. The Valence Group and Kirkland & Ellis advised Golden Gate Capital.

Founded in 1967, ArrMaz is a producer of a wide variety of process chemicals, which are generally custom formulated to meet customer specifications. ArrMaz is the leading producer of functional additives and process aids to the fertilizer and asphalt industries and is a significant provider of chemical products to related minerals mining industries. ArrMaz distributes its products in over 70 countries, with production facilities in key locations worldwide.

Golden Gate Capital is a San Fransisco-based private equity investment firm with approximately $12 billion of capital under management. The firm targets investmens where there is a demonstrable opportunity to significantly enhance a company's value. Other notable industrial investments sponsored by Golden Gate Capital include US Silica, EP Minerals and Atrium Windows.


August 2012
ArrMaz receives "Best Place to Work" Award|| read item

Lakeland, August 23, 2012 – ArrMaz received an award from Polk Works, a non-profit group that recognizes companies committed to maintaining employee-friendly workplaces, improving the quality of life for workers and their families, as well as training and motivating them.

"I think that job seekers need to know about companies that truly care about their well-being and are great places to work for," said Polk Works president and CEO Stacy Campbell-Domineck in an interview.

Read about the event and award ceremony here

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October 2011
CECA and Road Science Announce Distribution Agreement || read item

TULSA, OK, October 10, 2011 – CECA, a subsidiary of the Arkema Group in France, through its affiliate, Arkema Inc., and Road Science,  a division of ArrMaz, Inc., announced today that they have signed a distribution agreement in which Road Science will be the exclusive USA distributor of CECA’s warm mix asphalt additive, CECABASE™ RT.

CECA is a world player in Specialty Chemicals and operates an extensive network of industrial facilities in Europe as well as two research centers dedicated to customer innovation. As a manufacturer of specialty surfactants used as warm mix additives, bitumen emulsifiers, and antistripping agents, CECA holds leading positions in its markets, and offers innovative products to the road construction industry. The CECA team is renowned for its technical support and expertise in road construction technologies.

Road Science, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the leading solution provider to the road paving industry, delivering preservation, maintenance and recycling systems, as well as innovative emulsifiers and other asphalt additives. Road Science also has a world-class laboratory in Tulsa, which further supports its relationships by providing asphalt analysis, formulation support, mix design services, performance testing, and forensics capabilities.

Under terms of the distribution agreement, Road Science will have exclusive sales and marketing rights to CECABASE™RT warm mix asphalt additive and its rapidly expanding market in the U.S. When the additive is mixed with asphalt, the application temperature on the road surface can be reduced by about 40°C (72°F) without affecting the performance of the material.  Compared to the typical paving process, the use of this additive reduces energy consumption by 20-40 percent, and reduces dust emissions considerably.

“Road Science provides CECA with a reliable partner for expanding the marketing of our patented warm mix additives into the U.S.,” said Francois Guillemet, Managing Director of CECA’s specialty surfactants.  “We believe there is a strong future in this emerging technology, and the combination of the two companies’ resources will provide the greatest impact for the customers we serve.”

“Coupling CECA’s innovative technologies with our nationwide marketing resources provides a compelling value proposition for our customers”, said Road Science Division President Patrick Lavin.” With more than 10 percent of all United States asphalt mixes now produced at reduced temperatures, we are very excited at the opportunity to expand the market with the high quality product CECABASE™ RT warm mix asphalt additive.”

Jonathan Weaver 
CECA – Arkema Group      
Patrick Lavin
Road Science
Division of ArrMaz


August 2011
ArrMaz recently completed an asset purchase of Road Science, LLC. || read item

ArrMaz, a Florida based specialty chemical manufacturer, has completed an asset purchase of Road Science LLC, from funds managed by Ritchie Capital, a Wheaton, Illinois private equity firm.

Road Science is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based technology and marketing company specializing in preservation, maintenance and recycling solutions for the road paving industry. Road Science's business model is based on the sale and licensing of differentiated asphalt products, application technologies and related services to enable better and longer lasting roads.

ArrMaz is a chemical producer of a wide variety of process chemicals, which are custom formulated to meet customer specifications. ArrMaz is the leading producer of functional additives and process aids to the fertilizer and asphalt industries and is a significant provider of chemical products to the mining industry. ArrMaz distributes its products in over 70 countries and production facilities in key locations worldwide. ArrMaz's AD-here® liquid antistrip additives are the world leader in promoting adhesion and protecting asphalt pavements from moisture damage.

Road Science's technology and commercialization expertise, combined with ArrMaz's custom asphalt additives, will create a unique, world class road solutions company. The combined innovation, engineering, materials science, production and delivery capabilities will allow Road Science to provide beginning-to-end customer solutions, ranging from custom designed chemicals, to complete application systems ensuring improved pavement performance and lower life cycle costs.

"This ArrMaz and Road Science integration truly leverages both companies' strengths, providing the road paving industry with the most comprehensive solution set available today," said Patrick Lavin, Division President of ArrMaz. "We are excited about this combination and the opportunity it presents to develop and commercialize products that better meet our customer's needs. "

Going forward, Road Science and ArrMaz's asphalt business unit will operate under the Road Science name as a division of ArrMaz, and will continue to headquarter in Tulsa, OK. ArrMaz is owned by Snow Phipps Group, a New York private equity firm that acquires middle market businesses in attractive industries.

For more information please contact Bryan Reusser, Road Science Marketing Director, 918 960 3862,


January 2009
Hank Waters joins ArrMaz as President || read item

ArrMaz has announced that Hank Waters has agreed to join the company as President. In his new role, Mr. Waters will focus on expanding ArrMaz’s current operations while pursuing new and intriguing growth opportunities in several international markets.

ArrMaz, headquartered in Mulberry, Florida, is a producer of a wide variety of process chemicals, which are generally custom formulated to meet customer specifications. ArrMaz is the leading producer of functional additives and process aids to the fertilizer and asphalt industries and is a significant provider of chemical products to related minerals mining industries. ArrMaz distributes its products in over 70 countries and has production facilities in key locations worldwide. ArrMaz was purchased by a private equity firm, Snow Phipps Group, in August 2008.

Since 2006, Mr. Waters has been accountable for two of Ashland Inc.’s four operating divisions as President of Ashland Performance Materials and Ashland Water Technologies.  He was a Corporate Vice President and previously served as President of Ashland Distribution Company, a distributor of chemicals and plastics in North America and Europe.  Mr. Waters held a variety of other positions at Ashland and at both GE Plastics and Air Products.  He graduated from The General Manager Program at the Harvard Business School and has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University.

“We are very pleased that Hank has chosen to join ArrMaz,” said Paul Chellgren, Chairman of ArrMaz and SPG’s Operating Partner. “Hank’s proven ability to create value in the specialty chemical industry domestically and abroad will create significant value for ArrMaz’s shareholders.”

“Hank will be a great addition to the team at ArrMaz,” said Glen Varnadoe, Chief Executive Officer. “Hank brings deep experience in several burgeoning areas of focus for ArrMaz.”

About Snow Phipps Group, LLC
Snow Phipps Group is a New York-based private equity firm seeking to acquire businesses in attractive industries where it can leverage the expertise of its exclusive Operating Partners, who are seasoned industry executives.

Media Contacts
Steve Bruce / Pen Pendleton / Ann Taylor Reed
The Abernathy MacGregor Group
(212) 371-5999


July 2007
ArrMaz forms joint venture in China || read item

ArrMaz forms joint venture in China; ArrMaz Yunan. Gateway to Asia for all ArrMaz products.


February 23 2007
ArrMaz acquires International Water Treatment, a Florida based regional producer and provider of industrial water treatment and technical services. || read item

On February 23, 2007, ArrMaz acquired International Water Treatment Company of Mulberry, Florida. IWT is a regional producer and provider of industrial water treatment chemicals and technical services. The acquisition of IWT signals AMCC’s commitment to expand its product offering and technical support to its current customer base, and to grow into new industrial water treatment markets. ArrMaz currently owns manufacturing facilities in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, Idaho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Kunming, Peoples Republic of China, (under construction) with sales offices in all locations plus Paris, France. The acquisition of IWT brings to ArrMaz additional manufacturing capabilities, chemical formularies and an experienced sales staff, all of which provide a strong foundation for AMCC’s continued growth in the water treatment chemicals market. AMCC’s expansion into the global marketplace encompasses sales in over 70 countries, with distribution and production facilities in key locations worldwide.

“With a complete line of boiler, cooling water, steam system products, and flocculants, and a business model which incorporates knowledgeable, industry experienced technical service representatives who provide regional local service, we only need to carve out a small percent of the overall market to realize significant internal and external synergistic values.” says Glen R. Varnadoe, President/CEO of AMCC.

Headquartered in Mulberry, Florida, the company produces a wide variety of industrial process chemicals, most of which are custom formulated to fit specific customer applications. ArrMaz is owned by management and certain funds managed by GSO Capital Partners, LP, an investment advisor with approximately $7 billion in assets under management and with offices in New York, Houston and London.


July 2006
ArrMaz acquired by Management and Certain Funds. || read item

Management and Certain Funds managed by GSO Capital Partners, LP of New York, Houston and London acquire ArrMaz. Glen R. Varnadoe appointed CEO.


July 2006
ArrMaz rated by Standards & Poors || read item

ArrMaz receives debt rating by Standard & Poors and Moody's Investor Services.


February 15 2006
ArrMaz and Chemtech Chemical Services join forces on Corrosion Inhibitors || read item

ArrMaz announces the signing of a joint marketing agreement with Chemtech Chemical Services for worldwide marketing of corrosion inhibitors for Urea-Ammonium Nitrate (UAN) solutions. In the agreement, ArrMaz will market Chemtech’s patented corrosion inhibitors outside Chemtech’s core North American market, where Chemtech has been very successful. Chemtech will also market ArrMaz’s corrosion inhibitors in North America.

Vic Granquist, Product Development Manager for ArrMaz, said: “Chemtech’s UAN corrosion inhibitor products have a complementary fit with our existing corrosion inhibitors, broadening our product offerings in this market with new, unique technology. We look forward to working with Chemtech to aggressively expand the customer base for these products.”

Eric Mistretta, VP of Technology for Chemtech, said: “ArrMaz’s strength in international sales of specialty chemicals in the fertilizer market will allow us to focus on North America and also on new product development. We’re exited about the prospects.”

About Chemtech - Chemtech Chemical Services, located in Louisiana, is a fast-growing water treatment chemical manufacturer and marketer that has developed a highly successful, patented corrosion inhibitor technology for UAN and related fertilizer solutions. In developing the market in North America, extensive knowledge has been developed to allow optimization of this technology to meet each customer’s needs, leading to a new level of cost-effective performance for the industry.


January 12 2006
Corsicana Technologies appoints ArrMaz as its exclusive distributor for asphalt emulsifiers for the Americas || read item

Corsicana Technologies, Inc. announces the appointment of ArrMaz Custom Chemicals, Inc. (AMCC), as the exclusive distributor of its asphalt additives and emulsifiers in the Americas.

“Corsicana’s asphalt emulsifier business is highly complementary and offers numerous opportunities in conjunction with ArrMaz’s anti-strip additives business in the asphalt paving and emulsion industries” said Pat Lavin, Vice President of ArrMaz.

Tom Kowalski, General Manager of Corsicana Technologies, Inc. said, “We look forward to working with ArrMaz on supplying high quality performance based emulsifiers to the asphalt market. I believe when you couple Corsicana Technologies’ technical and production strengths with ArrMaz’s marketing strengths, we will be in a very favorable position to serve our existing and future customers.”

About Corsicana - Corsicana Technologies, Inc., located in Corsicana, Texas, is a major producer of alkyl nitrogen based chemistry, specifically fatty amines and their derivatives, for application into markets, such as the energy industry, asphalt road construction, mining, lubrication, personal care, textiles, pigment dispersion, paints and coatings. Corsicana Technologies is a technology based, market driven company committed to providing their customers throughout the world with specialty products that focus on performance, value and quality.


January 11 2005
Wind Point Partners Portfolio Company, ArrMaz completes acquisition of NuFarm Specialty Products || read item

ArrMaz(AMCC) announces the acquisition of the world-leading Galoryl™ brand of additives and coatings for ammonia-based nitrogen chemicals and fertilizers, from Nufarm, LTD. AMCC is the leading producer of chemical reagents, additives and coatings to the North American phosphate fertilizer and asphalt industries.

AMCC’s majority owner is Wind Point Partners, a private equity investment firm with offices in Chicago, Illinois and Southfield, Michigan.

The acquisition includes Nufarm’s plant in Lobeco, South Carolina, a toll-supply arrangement with Nufarm in France and worldwide Galoryl™ marketing and distribution. Galoryl™ products substantially enhance structural, storage and handling characteristics of technical-grade ammonium nitrate and dry, particularly nitrogen, fertilizers. The Lobeco plant also has world-class tolling operations.

“The Galoryl™ business is highly complementary and offers numerous synergies with Arr-Maz's additives and coatings businesses to the phosphate fertilizer and asphalt paving industries,” said Doug Campbell, ArrMaz CEO. “It also broadens our technical reach and further diversifies our product mix, making Arr-Maz a more attractive supplier in step-out markets.”

Galoryl™ was formerly a product line of Nufarm Specialty Products, a subsidiary of Nufarm LTD, a publicly-traded Australian crop protection company. Operations in South Carolina will continue to be headed by Paul Kern and Antoine Meyer will continue to lead the International Marketing Team headquartered in Gennevilliers (Paris), France.

“The Nufarm product line and management team is a great complement to the Arr-Maz platform investment and is an excellent continuation of our strategy to create value through both organic growth and add-on acquisitions,” said Alex Washington, principal at Wind Point Partners.

Senior debt financing to facilitate the Nufarm Specialty Products acquisition was led by Antares Capital.

About Wind Point - Wind Point Partners is a private equity investment firm with offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Southfield, Michigan that manages over $1 billion in capital. Wind Point focuses on partnering with top caliber CEOs to acquire solid middle market businesses with a clear path to value creation. Wind Point has successfully invested in more than 80 companies since 1984. Additional information about Wind Point is available at


December 2004
ArrMaz acquires Lobeco || read item

ArrMaz Custom Chemical acquires Lobeco Products and Galoryl® product line from NUFARM, S.A.


July 12 2004
ArrMaz anounces appointment of Chemlink Specialties as UK & Ireland distributor of asphalt additives || read item

ArrMaz is pleased to announce the appointment of Chemlink Specialties, Ltd., Manchester, United Kingdom as its distributor of Asphalt Additives in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Chemlink will be able to provide just in time inventory, support and sales. Andy Best is the Product Manager responsible for this business. Andy can be reached at 44-0161-776-4303 or More can be learned about Chemlink at


June 9 2004
ArrMaz at International Public Works Congress & Exposition 2004 || read item

ArrMaz will host booth 2157 at the International Public Works Congress and Exposition running September 12 through the 15th 2004. The show will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

Asphalt additive specialists and chemists will be on hand from ArrMaz to present our complete line of asphalt additives and enhancements.

For more information, contact Patrick Lavin - Vice President, Construction Chemicals at 800-541-8926 or 863-293-7884. Hope to see you there.


April 7 2004
ArrMaz appoints Douglass Fertilizer and Chemicals, Inc distributor for Dustrol® to Biolsolids Fertilizer industry || read item

ArrMaz and Douglass Fertilizer and Chemical, Inc., today announced that Douglass Fertilizer and Chemical would become its distributor to the biosolids fertilizer industry for the states of Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Maryland and New York.

Dustrol® is a registered trademark of ArrMaz Custom Chemicals

Abou Douglass - Douglass Fertilizer & Chemical, Inc. is a privately held company based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, that specializes in providing innovative solutions to its agricultural, turf and industrial customers. Professional turf customers are served through its Liquid Ag Division and its industrial customers through its Applied Solution and Technologies Division. For further information view their website at


December 5 2003
Wind Point Partners acquires ARR-MAZ Products, LP and Custom Chemicals Corporation || read item

Wind Point Partners, a private equity firm with offices in Chicago and Southfield, Michigan, today announced that, along with management, it acquired ARR-MAZ Products, LP and Custom Chemicals Corporation on December 5, 2003.

ARR-MAZ Products, headquartered in Winter Haven, Florida produces process chemicals used in fertilizer manufacture and asphalt paving industries in North America and worldwide.

Custom Chemicals, headquartered in Mulberry, Florida produces process chemicals used in fertilizer manufacture and specialty surfactants used in various applications in the United States and overseas.

The businesses of ARR-MAZ and Custom complement one another as each specializes in a different fertilizer industry segment, each has its own unique chemistry and both produce chemicals that enhance their customer’s products and processes. The merged entity will utilize the combined technologies, product application expertise and production locations to better serve existing customers and to develop new business.

ARR-MAZ Products and Custom Chemicals will continue operations as they currently exist with a plan to later merge their operations under the name of ArrMaz Custom Chemicals.

Glen Varnadoe, who has been President of ARR-MAZ, will be President and COO of the combined Company. Doug Campbell, who was President and CEO of nitrogen chemicals/fertilizer producer, Arcadian Corporation and spent 26 years with British Petroleum and The Standard Oil Company (Ohio) will be CEO.


January 5 2003
ARR-MAZ Products Asphalt Laboratory achieves AASHTO Accreditation || read item

ARR-MAZ Products, LP has achieved AASHTO accreditation for its asphalt laboratory in Winter Haven, FL. AASHTO, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, sets nationwide pavement standards.

The ARR-MAZ asphalt laboratory was accredited to perform the full range of SuperPave asphalt binder analyses. SuperPave, a product of the Federal Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP), is a series of performance standards and analytical methods for asphalt pavement. The asphalt laboratory is also certified by several state DOT’s for asphalt binder analyses and mix design procedures.

ARR-MAZ produces a wide range of additives for improving asphalt pavement performance, including liquid anti-strips, emulsifiers, polymers and phosphoric acid. The SuperPave laboratory is an extension of the asphalt technical center. Click <here> for more information about ARR-MAZ testing capabilities.


February 1 2002
SuperPave Laboratory opens || read item

ARR-MAZ Products with facilities headquartered in Mulberry, Florida and with facilities throughout the Southeast United States, has today opened a fully capable SuperPave laboratory at our asphalt technical center.

SuperPave, a product of the Federal Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP), is a series of performance standards and analytical methods for asphalt pavement. ARR-MAZ Products has invested in technician training and specialized equipment for SuperPave testing. ARR-MAZ Products produces a wide range of additives for improving asphalt pavement performance, including liquid anti-strips and emulsifiers.

Our SuperPave laboratory demonstrates our commitment to our customers and the asphalt additives business. We are now capable of performing a wide range of mix design and binder tests based on the SuperPave specifications.

The SuperPave laboratory is an extension of the ARR-MAZ Products asphalt technical center.


December 1999
New Convent Facility Completed || read item

ArrMaz Products replaces the old Convent, Louisiana manufacturing facility with a modern new plant dedicated to serving our Gulf Coast area customers..


May 4 1999
Glen Varnadoe promoted to President of ARR-MAZ Products || read item

ArrMaz Products, L.P. is pleased to announce that Glen Varnadoe has been promoted to President. In his new capacity, he will have overall responsibility with respect to the business conducted by ArrMaz Products.

Glen has been with ArrMaz Products since 1983 and has been a co-owner since 1991.

ArrMaz Products is headquartered in Mulberry, Florida, which is near the center of the phosphate mining and processing industry. Additional facilities are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Idaho, Brazil and France.

ArrMaz Products is very excited about this organizational change. Glen's proven abilities and experience will provide the necessary leadership to take ArrMaz into the new millennium.