Mining Chemicals

ArrMaz is the market leader in flotation reagents for phosphate ores. We have developed a wide range of products, which are mine/deposit specific and are effective over a broad range of flotation conditions and ore types.

Our applications expertise and state of the art flotation laboratory enable us to develop the best product for each application, develop the optimum application system and to monitor the product's performance over time. If you want to optimize recovery rates, increase throughput or increase selectivity, talk to an ArrMaz sales representative.





Anionic collectors Phosphate flotation, oxide minerals flotation Excellent recovery and high grade/selectivity

Cationic collectors Silica, silicates, oxide minerals & potash flotation Very selective collection of silica with optimum recovery

pH modifiers Feed preparation, mineral conditioning, silica suppression Effective pH control, optimal surface preparation, higher recovery, silica reduction

Frothers/surfactants Froth modification flotation promotion, column flotation Better bubble size and froth structure; improved grade and recovery; optimal surface preparation; strong collector attachment

Defoamers Foam control in launders, pump boxes, process tanks Better pumping and slurry handling, prevents mineral loss in foam-overs

Green float oil Non-petroleum based float oil, extender, co-collector Protects environmentally sensitive areas

Polymers Out fall water, clarification, filtration, flocculation, clays, reclamation Better water quality, de-watering, and solids handling

Rheology modifiers Grinding aid, slurry handling, sizing, de-watering, gravity separation, flotation and conditioning Better process efficiencies, lower viscosity, better surface preparation, lower water consumption

Depressants Phosphate flotation, potash flotation, ion sequestration Depression specificity, higher recovery, better selectivity, lower reagent doses