Laboratory Equipment and Capabilities

Extensive Expertise

The company’s scientists have extensive expertise in a wide variety of areas including:

  • Enhanced Recovery Flotation Reagent Formulation and Development
  • Defoamer Synthesis and Formulation
  • Fertilizer Granulation, Coating and Colorant Technologies
  • Sulfonation and Sulfation of Fatty Acids, Alcohols, Alcohol Ethoxylates and Alkylates
  • Condensation Reaction Development
  • Emulsion and Dry Polymers

Custom Laboratory Equipment

Our Laboratory Instrumentation includes:

  • GC
  • HPLC (isocratic and gradient)
  • FTIR
  • UV-VIS
  • Viscometers
  • Bruker XRF Metals Analyzer
  • Automated Wet Chemical Analyzers

Asphalt Chemicals Group Laboratory Technical Support

  • AASHTO Accreditation: Effective December, 2002, the Asphalt Laboratory is accredited by AASHTO to perform the full range of Super Pave asphalt binder analyses (AASHTO T-240, T-313, T-315, T-316, R-28 + T-48).
  • SHRP Technology: ArrMaz' laboratory has the equipment and technology to test complete SHRP binder grades (MP1) and do SuperPave level 1 mix designs and AASHTO T-283 in both 100mm and 150mm specimen sizes. Our equipment includes a SHRP gyratory compactor, dynamic shear rheometer (Bohlin CVO), bending beam rheometer, rolling thin film oven, and a pressure-aging vessel. The laboratory is also installing direct tension and ductility instrumentation. Once the direct tension instrument is installed, we will have the capability to perform AASHTO MP1A binder testing on polymer modified asphalts.
  • General Asphalt Technology: Rotational and capillary viscosity, aged residue viscosity, penetration, flash point, solubility in trichloroethylene, spot test, ring and ball and penetration index.
  • Asphalt Emulsion Technology: ArrMaz has the capability to formulate emulsions using our laboratory colloid mill. We can test emulsions for Sabolt Furol viscosity, demulsibilty, cement mixing, high float, sieve, storage stability, coating ability and water resistance, settlement, classification, and distillation.
  • General Mixture Technology: The laboratory can perform the complete Marshall mix design, including aggregate gradations, blending and asphalt content selection. We also can perform vacuum asphalt extractions.
  • Moisture Sensitivity Technology: The laboratory can perform all the required tests by the various State highway departments. This includes boil tests, coating tests, AASHTO T-283, AASHTO T-165, AASHTO T-182, ASTM D4867, ASTM D3625, and the Texas Pedestal Test.