Fertilizer Chemicals

ArrMaz is the North American leader in process chemicals for fertilizer production.

Our products are custom formulated to optimize specific processes and our engineering staff can custom design an application system for your specific needs. Whether you are looking for improved yield, increased throughput or reduced emissions, our technical sales force and applications experts will be able to develop the right product for your application.

For improvements in your process, talk to an ArrMaz sales representative.






Dust control agents   All granular phosphate fertilizers (DAP, MAP, GTSP), NPK, ammonium sulfate, and potash.
Prevents dust, diminishes caking and pile set

Anti-caking agents   All granular forms of fertilizer
Controls caking and pile set during storage

Defoamers   Wet process phosphoric acid & granular fertilizer production
Cost effective process control, low emission losses

filter aids
  Gypsum filtration - 30%, 40%, 54% phosphoric acids
Higher rates, improved recovery, lower solids, higher grade, improved clarifier performance

Granulation aids   Phosphate, potash & npk fertilizer granulation
Promotes rapid granulation and quality granule formation

Coloring agents   Granular fertilizer
Provides a quality uniform appearance and creates unique product identification